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After numerous requests from men and women searching for those lost feelings of sexual pleasure and memories of having a voracious sexual drive,

We decided to create a product using the best supplements that have been proven to support increase sexual performance for men and women.

We are proud to launch MALE2MAX and FEM2MAX!!!


"Male2Max saved my marriage”   "I was shocked that I could perform in this way again! Thanks for this product! I love you guys"   "it’s working"!!


All of our products are safe and are manufactured in a USA lab that is FDA and GMP approved.


Our Male2Max Extreme exceeds most competitors due to its rich volume of herbal and root extracts.

Tongkat Ali 500mg

Tongkat Ali root extract naturally and significantly increases testosterone levels, lowers stress hormone, and boosts mood.


Panex Ginseng 67.5

Increase in erection hardness due to intake of ginseng root


Maca Root Extract 250mg

Increase in sexual performance and erectile function.


L-Argine 500mg

L-Argine significantly improves sexual function in men with Erectile Dysfunction.


It is always suggested that before starting any new supplement or diet you discuss it with your medical professional